• Fall To Rise
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    Fall To Rise

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    “Fall to Rise is a heart filling drama about the outstanding dedication of dancers to their art. Director Jayce Bartok beautifully captured the emotional difficulties of dancers coming to terms with age and identity.”
    — Robert Redford

    This award winning feature film is the directorial debut o...


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    "A great depiction of the continuing Elvis obsession that, even decades after his departure, continues to get more creepy and darkly humorous. Mark my words, within a couple hundred years this will be a full-blown religion."

    - Richard Linklater

    Directed By
    Jayce Bartok, Tiffany Bartok


  • Sunburn
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    Sunburn, a short film, 2012.

    Directed and Written by: Jayce Bartok

    Produced by: Tiffany Bartok, Patricia Beaury, Patrick Morris,

    Starring: Jack Falahee (How To Get Away With Murder), Damian Young (The Comeback), and Kate McClure.

    A young man looking to make his mark in reality TV ge...