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  • The Cake Eaters

    The 2007 award-winning film starring Kristen Stewart, Bruce Dern, Aaron Standford, Jesse L. Martin, Miriam Shor, Jayce Bartok & Elizabeth Ashley, written by Jayce Bartok & directed by Mary Stuart Masterson. USA Today called the film #8 in Ms. Stewart's Best Career Performances 'The Cake Eaters' (2007)
    "Stewart had quite a few roles the year before she broke big with "Twilight," and this one teased the impressive talent we'd see more of later: The coming-of-age indie drama casts her as a physically impaired young woman with a rare genetic disease, Friedreich's ataxia, who yearns to experience love and gets close to a young man (Aaron Stanford) who'd been caring for his ailing mom before her death."

    The NY TIMES "Ms. Stewart’s tough, strong performance avoids sentimentality.

    Synopsis - TWILIGHT’s Kristen Stewart stars as Georgia, a 15-year-old girl with a rare, debilitating neurological disorder. Sheltered by her artist mother, she’s eager to pack in as much living as possible in the little time she has left. She begins a romance with 20-something Beagle (Aaron Stanford), while her grandmother (Elizabeth Ashley) continues a decades-long affair with Beagle’s father Easy (Bruce Dern). Things get more complex when Easy’s prodigal son Guy (Jayce Bartok) returns from pursuing rock-star fantasies, having conveniently missed his mother’s slow, agonizing death from cancer while Beagle never left her side. Unpretentious and nuanced with excellent performances. Filmed locally in the Catskills with music by Duncan Sheik.

    unrated / 95 mins

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    Vinyl Foote Productions 2005
    A quirky, heartfelt drama starring the legendary Haley Mills about a mother and her two daughters dealing with a painful revelation.

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  • Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story

    A pioneer of contour techniques, makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin’s meteoric rise to fame in the 80’s and 90’s was legendary. Iconic clients, friends, and family retrace his life, career, and mysterious death at the height of his fame in 2002. DIRECTED BY Tiffany Bartok FEATURING Christy Turlington Burns, Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell, Tori Amos, Kate Moss, Isaac Mizrahi, Paulina Porizkova, Cher
    PRODUCED BY Jayce Bartok, Troy Surratt, Bronwyn Cosgrave
    From Vinyl Foote Productions, Matador Content
    Distributed by The Orchard


    "a rich, deeply dimensional documentary"
    - LA Times

    "Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story is a well constructed, warts-and-all documentary that probes issues of creativity, sexual identity, and celebrity culture. "
    - Film Threat

    "Aucoin was a compelling, charismatic and complex figure who's brought to such life in the documentary that his premature death feels as traumatic for the viewer as for those who knew him."
    - The Hollywood Reporter

    "...will resonate well beyond their respective industries, and for different reasons...The director recounts his history without flinching from the darker moments"
    - InStyle

    **Toronto Female Eye Film Festival Best Documentary Winner**

    **Best Louisiana Feature Documentary (Louisiana International Film Festival**

    **International Premier at the Edinburgh International Film Festival**

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    "A great depiction of the continuing Elvis obsession that, even decades after his departure, continues to get more creepy and darkly humorous. Mark my words, within a couple hundred years this will be a full-blown religion."

    - Richard Linklater

    Directed By
    Jayce Bartok, Tiffany Bartok

    Produced By
    Andrew Bates, Joelle Carter, Jayce Bartok, Tiffany Bartok

    Altered By Elvis explores 8 lives permanently changed by Elvis Presley. A festival favorite, this award winning documentary features interviews with the infamous Denson Brothers, Larry Gellar, the controversial enigma Paul MacLeod of Graceland Too, and legendary photographer Alfred Wertheimer.

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  • Fall To Rise

    “Fall to Rise is a heart filling drama about the outstanding dedication of dancers to their art. Director Jayce Bartok beautifully captured the emotional difficulties of dancers coming to terms with age and identity.”
    — Robert Redford

    This award winning feature film is the directorial debut of Jayce Bartok and stars the incomparable
    Daphne Rubin-Vega in a stunning performance noted by Michael Musto to be “... raw, real, funny, passionate, and full of aching humanity.”

    The film also features fantastic performances by legendary dancers Katherine Crockett and Desmond Richardson.

    The film follows a renowned principal dancer whose injury forces her out of her company and uncomfortably into the role of motherhood. She realizes that her identity depends on her career and she struggles to return with the help of another former company dancer. This is a timeless tale with a distinctly New York flavor, revealing the conflict between art and life, between marriage and independence.

    Wendy Whelan says “This film takes a very serious look at the identity crisis every serious dancer faces when facing a loss of their art, and also gives us insight to the extraordinary bonds we all build as professional dancers within a company. This story speaks for so many of us and for the intensity, both high and low that come along with being a part of this art form. It gives a beautiful heart-wrenching nod to those special souls who come into, or back into, our lives to help us through it all.”
    — Wendy Whelan

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  • Sunburn

    Sunburn, a short film, 2012.

    Directed and Written by: Jayce Bartok

    Produced by: Tiffany Bartok, Patricia Beaury, Patrick Morris,

    Starring: Jack Falahee (How To Get Away With Murder), Damian Young (The Comeback), and Kate McClure.

    A young man looking to make his mark in reality TV gets a job at a network only to find himself morally conflicted when he picks a new couple for the popular franchise, The Manhattan Social Club. How far will Kevin go to secure his place in network television?

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